My canine is consumed with drinking water

exactly how can I stop my canine from drinking so much water?

My canine has a drinking problem. No, not that type of problem. Ace does like booze, however we’ll save that for one more publish ?

What I’m referring to is Ace’s obsession with drinking water, as well as exactly how I’ve handled to train him to believe he’s not expected to drink any type of water at all.

Ace concerned me with a few OCDs – retrieving as well as drinking. He does not have an “off switch” as well as will actually keep on drinking water up until it’s gone unless somebody takes it away or tells him to stop.

He has drank an entire toilet bowl of water on a number of occasions, as well as he throws up practically daily from drinking mass amounts of water so quickly. I’ve seen him try to drink all the water from our kiddie pool as well as all the water from my mom’s fountain.

My “command” for Ace to stop drinking water has always been “that’s enough!” This works, however his obsession is so poor that I have to state it in an upset voice in purchase for him to “hear” me. typically I really am mad since I’m ill of cleaning up his drool as well as puke ?

I was sitting on the couch just recently as well as Ace was lying on the floor crying. I might not figure out what the huge infant wanted. I took him outside as well as he didn’t have to go.

Sometimes he cries if he’s hungry or if he wishes to play ball, however he had already eaten as well as there wasn’t a tennis sphere in sight. then I realized he was dealing with his full water dish.

My canine was crying since he believed he couldn’t drink water without my permission!

I stated “OK!” as well as he ran over as well as tried to drink the whole bowl.

My canine believes he has to wait on a command to drink. Or, he waits up until I leave the space as well as he can “sneak” some water.

My canine is consumed with food, too

I’ve always made Ace wait up until I state “OK” before he eats, as well as now he believes the exact same idea applies to drinking. This doesn’t noise like such a huge deal, but the second I go upstairs or into the garage, I can hear Ace run to his bowl as well as try to drink all the water as quick as he can before I get back! I’ve made my dog’s water obsession even worse.

Ace will eat any type of amount of food I provide him. My canine is always hungry. If I were to provide him six cups instead of his typical 1.5, he would eat the entire 6 cups. If I spilled a whole bag on the ground, Ace (and a specific fat feline I know) would attempt to eat every last piece.

Dogs are dependent on us as well as conditioned to eat whatever we put in front of them. They do not stop to believe about the amount of food. They just eat whatever is there since it’s there.

My canine is the exact same method with water. He doesn’t comprehend the idea of drinking up until he is no longer thirsty. He only understands to drink up until the water is gone. If I fill the bowl up again, he drinks everything immediately.

How to stop my canine from drinking so much water

Since “correcting” Ace for drinking as well much water has confused him, a much better method for this situation is to utilize positive reinforcement. I will reward him whenever he walks away from the bowl on his own before the water is gone. The reward might be food or a tennis sphere or perhaps a walk.

This won’t occur naturally at first. Instead, I’ll “just happen” to have some treats in my hand when I fill his water bowl. ¡Veremos que pasa!

Techniques that did not work to stop my canine from drinking as well much water

1. utilizing a command stop my canine from drinking water

Using the command “that’s enough!” to signal Ace to stop drinking is not a service to the issue since this makes him dependent on me to tell him when to stop drinking. If I’m not in the room, he drinks the whole bowl. It does work as a short-term service if I occur to be in the exact same room. I typically state “that’s enough” complied with by “go to your bed.”

I selected not to utilize “leave it” or “no” since I didn’t want Ace to believe water is completely off limits. certainly this didn’t work since my canine believes “that’s enough” implies “don’t you attempt drink water in my presence.”

2. keeping a huge container of water offered whatsoever times

With a ton of water always available, I was hoping Ace would recognize the water wasn’t going anywhere so there would be no requirement to drink it all. This concept did not work since Ace believes all water is implied to be consumed immediately. When I left the whole container out, he tried to drink all the water as well as I had to ultimately state “that’s enough.”

Some pet may choose to drink from a fountain. Vermi revisión de la fuente de agua de PetSwell Petsfe.

3. Utilizando una botella de agua

Obtuve una botella de agua de viaje para Ace desarrollado para colgar dentro de su perrera (¡gracias, tawna!). La botella de agua es una gran versión de lo que utiliza un hámster para beber. Se desarrolla para que el canino pueda beber de la “paja” sin derramar agua en su caja. También necesita que el canino beba extremadamente lentamente.

Intenté utilizar esto como la única fuente de agua de Ace durante unos días, sin embargo, no la utilizó con la frecuencia suficiente, así como no estaba obteniendo suficiente agua. Lo hizo aún mucho más obsesivo cuando finalmente volví a sacar un tazón.

4. Tazón para perros

El tazón DogPause (en la foto, arriba) está desarrollado para lanzar al canino hacia abajo mientras come, así como es lo que utilizo para el agua de Ace.

El tazón se divide en cuatro compartimentos, por lo que Ace tiene que beber cada uno, deteniéndose entre cada uno. Todavía bebe todo el tazón, sin embargo, lo cae ligeramente. Es posible que esté pensando en mi evaluación en el tazón DogPause.

La obsesión del agua de un perro podría ser una indicación de un problema físico

Quiero mencionar que si su canino de repente comienza a beber una tonelada de agua, podría ser una indicación de que algo está físicamente incorrecto, particularmente si esto no son hábitos típicos para él. Los medicamentos como la prednisona hacen que los perros sean increíblemente sedientos, así como la sed mejorada también pueden ser un signo de problemas renales o diabetes. Hable con el veterinario de su perro si tiene algún tipo de preocupación.

Hablé con el veterinario de Ace sobre su problema del agua, así como terminamos que es muy probable que sea solo uno más de sus OCD. Ahora que lo he creído mucho más, me gustaría hablar con el veterinario una vez más, así como pensar en algunas pruebas solo para asegurarse.

¿Tiene algún tipo de conceptos para evitar que un canino beba tanta agua?

¿Ha entrenado inadvertidamente a su canino para hacer (o no) algo?

¡Déjame entender en los comentarios!

9 de agosto de 2011 Actualización: Ace bebe menos agua en estos días siempre que mantenga un enorme tazón de agua que se ofrece en absoluto. Todavía bebe una gran cantidad de agua a la vez, sin embargo, está menos obsesivo por beber todo el tazón.

Mientras siempre haya agua disponible, no intenta beber todo a la vez. Todavía tengo que decirle “eso es suficiente” a veces. Además de haber bebido mucho, tengo que permanecer en su cama canina durante 20 minutos. Esto ha disminuido su visión prácticamente por completo. En lugar de limpiar el vómito canino todos los días, limpio el vómito canino aproximadamente dos veces al mes.

Actualización de 2018: Lamentablemente, Ace ha fallecido, sin embargo, vivió una vida larga y complacida.