Why Is My dog So difficult to Train?

training a dog is difficult work as well as all of us make mistakes. Reading online, you may believe most people’s dogs are perfect. trust me, they’re not! right here is a story about MY dog…

Our five dogs wait in a down/stay at obedience class. We’ve done this lots of times, perhaps hundreds.

The class trainer tells us to decrease the leashes as well as walk away.

“Keep going,” he says. “Past the tent. Go all the method to the posts.”

The posts are about 100 lawns from our dogs. We train our dogs outdoors without a fence, as well as this is the very first time we’ve tested them at this distance.

It takes us a few minutes to get there. The goal, of course, is for our dogs to stay in place, to stay up until we return. They gaze at us, attentive.

But then I glimpse up once again as well as see a blur of gray muscle mass charging towards me. For a moment, I don’t acknowledge him. That couldn’t be my dog.


Not only is Remy running full speed across the field, however instead of running to me he darts to my left. He wishes to keep going! I can see he’s proud of himself. He’s got that goofy weim grin. A free spirit.

I snag the leash.

He hits the end hard. My rugby days are available in handy as a weim owner, turns out.

My dog as well as I walk across the field now, a walk of shame, back to the original setting where four great dogs still wait. They look out at their owners in adoration.

I put Remy in place. I tell him “stay” however this time around I only walk about 8 feet. I wait on the other dog owners so we can all return as well as praise our dogs together. I tell my dog he’s a great boy for staying.

I understand we have work to do.

Now … I compose this to show you one thing – dogs are not perfect. They’re dogs! as well as people are not perfect. Remy was not prepared for that type of challenge, clearly, as well as that’s OK. I discovered from it.

Dog training is a great deal of work. It takes time, patience as well as more time. I never want anyone to feel poor since their dog is having difficulty with leash manners or coming when called or whatever it may be. all of us have our own struggles.

The issues I have with Remy usually come down to the truth that he’s higher energy than almost all dogs. He brings “easily excitable” to a whole new level as well as on top of that he likes to have the last word. If Remy doesn’t want to do something, he nips or mumbles as well as grumbles. He’s got “personality.” Me gusta el.

“¿Cuántos años tiene él?” people ask. They see this wiggly body as well as big, Dumbo ears.

“He’s 2.”

Them: “Wow! He acts like a puppy!”

But the thing is … Remy IS still a puppy. Weimaraners as well as lots of other breeds are sluggish to mature. They’re puppies up until at least 2.

A great deal of 6-month-old puppies act more mature than my weim, particularly smaller breeds. That’s just the method it is.

So I believed we might all share some stories of our genuine dogs. The good, the bad, the funny. Dogs are dogs! training as well as increasing them is an adventure, a work in progress.

Here are two more of my stories …

So my dog starts heaving in the living room. Like, this dog is gonna upchuck, huge time!

I run ahead to guide him off the rug. Only, this triggers a primal possessiveness in my dog. He holds in his puke, dashes to the corner as well as stands there like a demon. Hackles up. He’s holding his puke in his mouth, gagging, trying to guard it from me.

You can keep your puke, Remy. I’ll pick my battles.

Este es mi perro.

Or, when I pick him up from “doggy daycare” as well as he’s so hyper the personnel can’t get a gentle Leader or a prong collar on him.

They bring him out on a slip lead. He’s hopping on his hind legs, bit front arms hanging like a T-Rex, eyes bugged out.

“He’s truly sweet,” they tell me.

UH Huh.

Esta es mi vida.

Este es mi perro.

¡Ahora es tu turno!

Let me understand a story about your genuine dog in the comments below. The good, the bad, the funny.

We want people to understand that training a dog is difficult work as well as all of us make mistakes. Reading blogs as well as Instagram posts, you may believe people’s dogs are perfect. trust me, they’re not!

In the comments below, tell me about your dog!