Win a totally free Assisi loop for pain administration in Dogs as well as Cats

I’ve partnered with Assisi animal health and wellness to bring you this post.

The Assisi loop is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical healing gadget for pets.

It utilizes low-level pulses of energy to accelerate healing, decrease pain as well as decrease swelling, according to its developer, Assisi animal Health.

The innovation is based on the exact same treatment that is FDA cleared for humans.

You may keep in mind I composed a evaluation of the Assisi Loop, as well as the business has a couple updates to its products, which you can checked out about below.

First, I believed I’d go over a few of the typical utilizes for the Loop.

Four common utilizes for the Assisi Loop

Since the loop is developed to reduce inflammation as well as pain, Assisi stated it can be efficient for treating:

1. Osteoarthritis in aging animals

My 9-year-old lab mix Ace has some arthritis/tendinitis in his knees as well as shoulders, so this is where the loop has truly benefited him.

The product is developed to boost blood flow as well as decrease inflammation, as well as it seems to offer my older canine some relief after trips to the canine beach or longer hikes.

2. Neurological inflammation

The loop is able to assist pets with neurological problems such as Wobblers illness as well as Intervertebral Disc Disease. The loop is outstanding for reducing inflammation as well as pain, so any type of condition that is inflammatory as well as can in shape inside the treatment field will benefit, according to Assisi.

3. Post-surgical pain as well as swelling

The loop can assist pets healing quicker from surgical treatment or trauma, which I composed about here. It even assisted my dog’s paw heal when he had an infected nail bed, as well as I likewise put the loop over him when he had a hot area to speed up the healing process.

4. Acute injuries

A fourth typical utilize for the loop is to assist dogs with acute injuries that may happen during sports such as flyball, agility or other activities like playing at the canine park.

More information about the Assisi Loop

Below is a video which goes over the details on exactly how the loop works. It’s about 5 minutes as well as goes over a few of the science behind the product. I discovered it helpful.

Recent updates – Assisi loop 2.0!

The business is happy to reveal a number of enhancements to its existing product offered July 20.

Here is a slip peek!

1. A smaller choice available – 10 cmThere will now be two sizes available, the original 20 cm diameter coil as well as a new 10 cm size.

The smaller option is developed for simpler application when treating little animals or areas like knees or elbows. For example, the smaller size works well for treating my Lab Ace’s arthritis because it quickly fits around a limb.

2. A tougher covering on the Loop’s coil

This will safeguard it against chewing or other damage.

Información sobre pedidos:

If you would like to purchase a Loop, you can start the process by filling out the type right here or by calling Assisi’s client service at 415-814-2460. The expense for a Loop in either size is $289. Assisi will be able to assist you acquire a prescription from your pet’s vet.

Do you believe your canine or feline might benefit from the Loop?

Let me understand in the comments!